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Host a Foreign Student in South Africa

Why not consider hosting a foreign exchange student? We have many students who come to South Africa on 2, 3, 6 and 10 month programs to learn about the South African way of life. Hosting will give you first hand experience on how the student exchange program works and will give you an idea of what you will experience if you want to become an exchange student!

Hosting is open to all enthusiastic and willing families who have the means to share their life with a young person from abroad. Hosting is very rewarding and life long friendships are often formed this way. The student exchange program is not reciprocal, however the exchange student's family is often very eager to meet their child's 'South African family' and you maybe invited to visit their home country!

A home visit and an interview are arranged with a Calvin-Thomas SA area representative before the decision is taken.

Be proudly South African! South Africa is becoming one of the most popular travel destinations and we as South Africans should be proud! Share the love of your country with a youngster from abroad and teach them about the South African way of life by letting them share your life with you. In return, they can teach you interesting things about their home country.Here are a few reasons to host from former host families:

1To learn about another culture

2To teach compromise and tolerance by example

3To encourage learning together a language and its culture

4To show gratitude for a child's exchange program

5To experience a program before perhaps sending a son or daughter

6To challenge family members to learn new and different customs

7To make life long international friends

8To impart a sense of the bigger world or global community

9To give younger children an older international brother or sister

10To teach sharing the South African way of life

11To help a teenager fulfil his/her dreams about South Africa

12To have a companion with similar interests