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Garden Route Tour August 2010! PDF Print E-mail

13 exchange students (from France, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Finland) had a fantastic time on our annual Garden Route Tour! Highlights included Tenikwa Wildlife Conservation Centre, Knysna Elephant Sanctuary, Tsitsikama Falls Adventure (zipline) and the Garden Route Game Lodge!

Below: Tenika Wildlife Conservation Centre where we saw meerkats, african wile cats, cervals, caracals, leopard and cheetahs!



Above: Noelly from France walking trunk in hand with one of the elephants


Above: Ready to slide! The zipline adventure at Tsitsikama Falls got our adrenaline pumping and was quite a work out!


Above: After touching and feeding the elephants - SMILE!


Above: On Safari at the Garden Route Game Lodge - freezing cold at 7am in winter but so worth it!

Message from a host mom PDF Print E-mail

I have to share this... it is so special when we receive message like this....

To all the staff of Calvin-Thomas, thank you.


3 months ago, at CT international airport you placed a stranger in my care, last night at CT International airport, our family said good bye to a son and brother.


Marius has become so entrenched into our family unit that on arriving home from the airport our home felt so lonely.


We would just once again want to thank you for trusting us with this precious boy that has stolen a part of our hearts. The experiences we shared with him will stay with us forever and would not have happened withou you.


Thank you

God Bless.



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Great day at Bains Kloof! PDF Print E-mail

 Thanks to all who came out to Bains Kloof, near Wellington on Saturday 20 Feb! It was one of the hottest days of the year so most of the day was spent relaxing in the crisp rock pool waters! It was a lovely day and great to catch up with host families and exchange students! Thanks again to our host families for their awesome kindess and hospitality in taking in our exchange students. Emily (front row, furthest right), Pierre (4th from the left in the back row), Valentin (5th from the left in the back row) and Romu (2nd from the right in the middle row). group_silly

Bastien competed in the Cape Argus Cycle Race! PDF Print E-mail


Yes, it was his own tour de France, and here is what Bastien had to say about it.

"An unforgettable experience, the Cape Argus - a 109km cycle race. From the centre of Cape Town to Cape Point and finally back to Cape Town on a different route. The roads were open only for us, the cyclists and te crowds were a bit like at te Tour de France, cheering until the last competitor.

Although I've never really done cycling until I came to SA, I trained for 4 months with my school. During the training sessions I had the chance to discover some gorgeous places. However 109km, its long! The road was far from flat, te wind very strong but at the end what a fantastic feeling of accomplishment! You get off the bike tired, your legs are heavy but you feel great!

The landscapes were just so nice. Roads along the coastline, with the ocean on one side, it was post card views all the way. People put out their settees on the side of the road,others braai (barbecue) - this is a popular race!

I finished in 4 hours 52 minutes, not such an outstanding achievement but a good time nonetheless. In fact, I wasnt even in the first 1000, but we were more than 30 000. Overall it was great.

- Bastien Pelletier (Sep 2008 - July 2009)image