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Hosting Cindy enabled us to see and experience things with new eyes. It was a very positive and enjoyable experience for our family"


Above from left : Chris, Marcelle, Callen and Cindy at Bainskloof



To all the staff of Calvin-Thomas, thank you. 3 months ago, at CT international airport you placed a stranger in my care, last night at CT International airport,our family said good bye to a son and brother. Marius has become so entrenched into our family unit that on arriving home from the airport our home felt so lonely. We would just once again want to thank you for trusting us with this precious boy that has stolen a part of our hearts. The experiences we shared with him will stay with us forever and would not have happened without you. Thank you

The Delcarme Family, hosts to Marius from France (June 2010)



I made such a wonderful friendship when Clara came to stay, we are still in touch and I have been to her apartment in Paris and now met her family too!"

Below from left: Clara and Erin ice skating at Grand West