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Do something different that will change the way you look at the world! Learn about yourself while learning about others. This is your opportunty to live in a foreign country and attend high school. Become an honorary citizen of France, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Findland, Denmark, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand or China!

Whichever destination you choose, you will be placed with a voluntary host family who will open their home to you and include you as a member of the family for the duration of the program. Families may be located anywhere in the host country so you will not be able to choose what city or town will become your new home. Host families may have children of their own or they may not. Families are chosen according to their willingness and ability to share their lives with a youngster from another country. You will be placed in a school near the host family's home and you are expected to show exemplary behaviour as you will be an ambassador for South Africa. Remember, your behaviour will influence the lives of other young South Africans. If you were a positive asset to the school, they may consider hosting again.

An 'Area Representative' will live within a 2 hour radius of the host family's home and he/she will make regular contact with you to ensure your well being. Your area representative will organize an orientation a few weeks after arrival and will be available at any time should you have any concerns or problems.

The key to a successful program is forming relationships with your host family and friends, that are built up day after day on celebrating happy times and overcoming difficult times together.