Student Exchange - How do I apply? PDF Print E-mail
  • Are you aged between 15 - 18?
  • Are youa hardworking student with grades to prove it?
  • Are you healthy?
  • Do you have the full support of your family and your school?

If you can answer YES to ALL the questions above, then you can apply!

NB Applications for July/August departures close in March and applications for January departures close in November. The 5 month Australian program departs January and applciations close in July of the previous year. Some destination countries have particular age requirements so please check your eligibility with us!

1Fill out pre-application form

2Calvin-Thomas will send you the application file and initiate direct contact with you

3You will return the application file (please complete it quickly but with care)

4You will be contacted for an individual interview where the program will be discussed and our area-representative will get to know you better and answer any questions you may have. This interview should not be seen as an exam, the aim is to ensure that you possess the essential qualities for a successful year abroad (open mindedness, motivation, enthusiasm, flexibility and maturity)

5Once your application has been reviewed, Calvin-Thomas will advise you of the outcome. You will be selected on the basis of your file (school reports, medical records, level of language (if appropriate) and presentation letter) as well as your interview

6In the time between your acceptance and your departure, please try to prepare personally by studying the language, history, geography... and any other information about the country that will be hosting you in the near future